Question 1: How to book a room in the resort “Struguras”?

Answer: The reservation of a room or a place in a double room is made by phone: reception - 024892262 and 068936464, administrator – 024892252 and  or by email struguras@inbox.ru. You should specify the entrance date to the resort (any day of the year), the period of treatment, number of persons, the type of the room (choose on the Accommodation prices page). The reservation made is needed confirm with 10 days before check in to the resort by phone, otherwise the reservation will be canceled. The payment of our services is made in-place. The prices presented on this site are updated and true. In case you leave the sanatorium before the booking date, you will get your money back for the days you didn’t use in accordance with Accommodation prices page.

Question 2: Which documents do I need to present at the reception?

Answer: For check in at the reception you should present: the passport, balneal-sanatorium sheet issued by the family doctor, where is indicated the main diagnosis of the patient’s diseases and the related illnesses, the proof of reservation made by the present person or the treatment voucher gave by the National Social Insurance Institution of RM.

Question 3: What are the prices for the services provided by the sanatorium „Struguras”?

Answer: The prices for our services are presented on Accommodation prices page on our site www.struguras.md. The prices include: the accomodation for one person, four  meals a day by menu and four curative treatments per day (Sunday is a day off for treatments). The prices for children 4 - 10 years are 50% and 10 - 14 years are 70% from accommodation fee. The children must be accompanied by parents. The prices are available for citizens of Republic of Moldova, European Union and CIS.  

Question 4: Does it possible that the guest, who issued a voucher from the National Social Insurance of RM or who booked on his/her name a place in our sanatorium, pass the voucher (or the reservation) to the other person or share it with other person?

Answer: The sanatorium doesn’t allow doing it by the decision of Parliament of RM. The voucher is issued to the particular person and only he/she can get the treatment on the sanatorium by this voucher. Talking about the vouchers bought for guest’s own account, the rules are adjusted by the sanatorium. In this case the sanatorium accept the guest on which name was booked the room as well (it is made with purpose to exclude the commercialization of our vouchers by third parties).

Question 5: What is the mode and schedule of treatment?

Answer: Our doctors prescribe a treatment depending on the underlying diagnosis from the medical card issued by the family doctor, where is indicated the main patient’s diseases and the related illnesses. The doctors receive patients on the day of arrival to the sanatorium, from Monday to Saturday. Procedures are provided from Monday to Saturday inclusive. Treatments are provided on public holidays as well, except the first day of New Year, which is the first day of January.

Question 6: Is it allowed to get the balneary (mineral water), SPA treatment together with medicine treatment?

Answer: The sanatorium “Struguras” provides exclusive balneary (mineral water), SPA treatment to our patients, that is mentioned in license and accreditation of medical organizations. The medicine treatment is prescribed only in case of emergency, worsening health, until taking decision of hospitalization.

Question 7: Could you please say, if I won’t be able to come to the resort in time mentioned in the voucher, will I be forfeited somehow or not?

Answer: The guest should come to the sanatorium at the date indicated in the voucher, no sooner, no later. The guest could be accepted with 5 days of delay, but the days missed are not reimbursed. When the guest is not appear at the sanatorium during 5 days, the sanatorium fix a new period of treatment based on the possibilities for accommodation.

Question 8: What time is check in and check out? For example, in Europe, the check in is after 14:00 o’clock and check out is usually before 12:00 o’clock.

Answer: The check in at sanatorium “Struguras” is any time during the day indicated in the voucher, and check out is the same time he/she arrived. For example: the treatment period is 1st June to 18 June. You have been check in at 10:00 o’clock 1st June, you should check out then no later of 10:00 o’clock of 18 June.

Question 9: Could you tell please, in which currency can I pay for services provided by sanatorium “Struguras”?

Answer: As a rule, we accept Moldavian Lei (MDL), but foreigners can pay for our services in Euro, US dollars, Russian rubles and Romanian Lei.

Question 10: Is there Internet connection in the resort?

Answer: There is free WiFi zone in the resort. It covers all hotel’s room and surround territory of sanatorium. Also there is an internet café inside of the library. Internet services are provided for free.

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