How to reach Sanatorium "Struguraș"?

Variant 1.  By bus from the central bus station Chișinău. The route:  Chișinău – Sanatorium “Struguraș”. Hours of departure:

11:30 – daily  

13:00 – daily

15:00 – daily


Variant 2. By bus from the central bus station Chișinău with transit: Chișinău – Dubăsari and Dubăsari – Sanatorium “Struguraș”. Hours of departure:

10:00 – daily  

12:00 – daily  

14:00 – daily  

16:30 – daily  



You are required to present the passport at the customs post to Transnistria. You have to fulfill the declaration of migration and keep the voucher of migration in order to present it when you’ll come back. The drivers will present the passport and the technical passport or mandate. Delegations are invalid. The car is registered at the border guards. Registration receipt is presented upon return. 

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Address: 4571 Dubasari, Cocieri,
Republic of Moldova

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