Sanatorium Struguraş

Sanatorium “Struguras” is located in a wonderful natural area, away from urban noise, creating an atmosphere of composure, relaxation and regeneration. It is situated on the left side of the Nistru river, on the water basin region of Dubasari, near villages Cocieri and Molovata Noua. The distance to the city Dubasari is 10 km, Chisinau - 50 km .

The resort offers recreational and relaxation facilities as included: an arranged beach, sport courts, board game room (billiard, Ping-Pong, chess), dance hall, summer terrace, bar, shop, steamboat walk on summertime, library, hairdressing salon, internet cafe, free wireless internet access. Also, there is a hall for 320 seats where usually is organized concerts and contests. Regularly are organized coach tours.

On your disposal there are 142 rooms (single and double) in two blocks of the hotel, a restaurant, a treatment block, joined together by a gallery that is creating more comfortable conditions for the treatment around the year.

For couples with children there are five villas, two-storied.

Sanatorium "Struguraș" offer balneary (mineral water), SPA treatment for patients who suffering of:

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Phone booking:
         Reception +37324892262
               mobile +37368936464
          Manager   +37324892252
               mobile +00000000000
  Fax: +37324851298
  Fax: +37324892232
Address: 4571 Dubasari, Cocieri,
Republic of Moldova

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